Jamones de Serón Checa

Jamones de Serón Checa is a family owned company located in Serón, in “Sierra de los Filabres”. Its privileged geographical location determines an excellent microclimate for the curing process of our most genuine product.

Since 1979 Jamones de Serón Checa has taken care of product quality in all curing process until it reaches the consumer. The selection of high quality of raw material, a low level of salt and a long process of natural curing, make possible to enjoy an exquisite product and at the same time healthy.


Our company possesses the recognition of quality certificates (Traditional Guaranteed Speciality Highland Ham (T.G.S.), Certified Quality) that guarantees an exhaustive control of the ham, a major sanitary control, producing as a result a good ham worthy of the most demanding tastes.

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